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Human Resource Development is the integrated approach of operational and organizational improvement. PhoenixBird D. M. GmbH offers strategies for development in private, public and non-governmental sector.

Our diverse approach is taking the opportunities of a broadly based team, understanding the chances  of overcoming cultural differences and build bridges. PhoenixBird therefore assists cultural and knowledge exchanges.

Working together with our partners, we transfer knowledge and technology, overcoming the gap of cultural and physical borders, to reach innovation and development.

Both, economic and political success essentially depend on communication and mediation. PhoenixBird offers this kind of mediation to grant successful European-Arab collaboration.

PhoenixBird Diversity Management GmbH

PhoenixBird D. M. GmbH


PhoenixBird Diversity Management GmbH is a German consulting firm, supporting private, public and nonprofit organizations to transform and improve their performance for long-term success.

PhoenixBird Diversity Management GmbH offers an encompassing catalog of services to our costumers in numerous fields. These services include specific and holistic consulting, primary in terms of technical and operational advice or action across business design, management improvement strategies, information technology, operational consultancy and human resource development.