About Us

Company overview

PhoenixBird Diversity Management GmbH is a German consulting firm, supporting private, public and nonprofit organizations to transform and improve their performance for long-term success.

We combine unconstrained thinking with specific expertise across business deign, change management, information technology, operations excellence, and people and talent management. Our sector experience spans financial services, health care, manufacturing, technology media & telecommunication, social & public sector, energy & resources.

We create value for our people and our clients by promoting diversity, fostering a culture of inclusion, and supporting a healthy work-life balance.

We intensively work together with our clients. To achieve best practices, we offer a tailored, interactive approach to co-design and implement high impact customer strategies and provide the highest level of global sustainable manner in differentiation, creativity and efficiency.

We are dedicated to establishing a creative, friendly and innovative working environment that encourages our people to bring in their full potential, as well a highly efficient operational system in order to offer our clients first class quality service. This in term to achieve and strengthen a leading position in the market.

Alongside a broadly based service offer, PhoenixBird Diversity Management GmbH is overcoming cultural and language barriers, as well physical borders, due to our diversely constituted personnel, connected and active worldwide – most notably in Central Europe and the Arab world. Still, we constantly enhance our team with qualified and experienced employees, as well a network of various business partners and keep reviewing and improving our services, to always have the finger on the pulse.

Our mission

  • Proficiency:

The demand we put on ourselves, is to assure the highest standard while we practice our profession. With great skill and expertise, we render encompassing services to our clients, providing professional advise from the specialists of our team and offering operational and technical consultancy as well performing entire organizational arrangements services. Always, the primary goal is to meet our clients’ needs while.

  • Team work:

Our team is – by definition – the essential condition and basis for our success and draws the company profile. Creating a unity in diversity, all members and partners of our enterprise work together in close collaboration.

  • Continuous improvement:

Proficiency as well as an effective, well-matched team is the a result of constant self-improvement. To meet future challenges, we permanently proceed developing new methods and techniques, keep adjusting our operating cycles and working strategy, always drawing on latest technology, to ensure high-quality service and also be a long-term and reliable cooperation partner to our clients in any fields related to diversity management.

  • Confidence:

Confidence and trust are indispensable principles of any form of cooperation, especially when it comes to cross-border and intercultural cooperation. We understand that our clients put enormous trust into our competence as well as into our absolute discretion concerning requested services and their personal data. In the name of the company, every member therefore assures to meet his/her responsibility unconditionally and without restrictions.