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Hubert Grosser

Hubert Grosser

Hubert Grosser studied at the University of Stuttgart, achieving the degree of a Master of Engineering in 1980, followed by a Master of Professional Pedagogy. After that he worked as a principal of a private university for applied sciences of the Bosch-Foundation in Esslingen-Zell.


Mr. Grosser is the former Head of Marketing and Public Relations for Fraunhofer IPA, Stuttgart (www.ipa.fraunhofer.de), Germany. He spent over 25 years at Germany’s renowned Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Europe’s leading semi-governmental technology think tank. He lends his extensive knowledge to PhoenixBird Diversity Management GmbH team to evaluate cross-border technologies and to identify suitable innovations for PhoenixBird D. M. GmbH partners and clients.

Engineering and professional pedagogy expert

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